I was having a conversation with a friend in a meeting yesterday and we were talking photographers.  She pointed out a famed rock and roll photographer who is now based in SF named Charlie Homo.  At first I insisted that this was a nom du guerre and he was part of the sexual revolution and chose the name to speak out against discrimination [boring normal rational explanation.]  This is not the case and in fact esteemed Charles is married to a woman.

In my line of work I see a lot of mailing lists with thousands and thousands of names and it’s surprising how many are just mind boggling upside down crazy.  Recently I peeped one Greg Gregory.  Dude, Greg Gregory?  Birth Certificate probably reads Gregory Gregory.  Related to the now famous Boutros Boutros Gali?  At least BBG has that last name to break up the redudency.

I’ve spoken with Dick Harry on the phone before, tough conversation to get through without breaking into song.  However, the Hoars are the worst, and they always seem to be women.  I remember walking in a cemetery when I was young and seeing the gravestone that read: Susan Hoar.  If you’re a Hoar or a decendant of a Hoar, life is not easy.  If you’re name is Mulva, life is not easy, so rest easy today.

One last note, I thought it was bad when I heard that my Dad wanted to name me Lisa if I was a girl when I was born.  However, the real sickness is that he actually wanted to name me Hyke (hi-key) for a little bit after a dominant German high jumper.  Luckily I came out a boy and someone in my family had sense.