Imagine if Jim James was constantly updating his blog slaying haterz and wannabe  biters?  He could be like “Y’all know I’ll bust a bourbon bottle over your head, why do all you Fleet Foxes have to be riding my style soooooo hard.  The first time I heard y’alls album I thought it was the twilight zone minute and I was listening to my band and me sing songs we hadn’t written yet.  Now that’s some straight trippy shit I have a hard time understanding, so I’m going to take that as disrespect.”

It’s a great album the Fleet Foxes put out, but shame on those producers for using virtually every component of what makes the MMJ sound so perfect and painting it on these sly Foxes.

Back to gangster rap Jim James…”I will go country-scary on every last one of you.  Do you know what it’s like to wake up on your bus with a long 12-gauge about to pick your nose?  I’m not playing, quit biting, quit biting, quit biting.  I said it three times so it gets through your stupid-ass heads.  Check that or catch wreck.  I will chicken fry your whole world and leave it for a nasty possum to nibble on all slow and demented.”

But no, everyone is going to keep on wearing flannel, facial hair, speak quietly and carry on.  Haterz.