Brits that have an affinity for both gun and rhyme battling now have a union made in heaven at their disposal. The hoodie pictured below may appear to be a run of the mill staple for your wardrobe, but these are more dynamic times we live in and nothing can be taken for granted, like say, some $700 Lanvin high tops that make me want to barf. The hoodie can allegedly stop a bullet from a 9mm Magnum handgun and protects the entire upper body.

The company that manufactures the hoodie, Bladerunner, maintains that their previous knife-resistant model was ordered by all walks people, even a priest! I’m not sure if this speaks more to the fact that Brits are crooked toothed tweakers or just dumb, but apparently the owner of the company, Barry Samms has his finger on the pulse of our increasingly hostile and paranoid culture. Their currency may be strong, but their heads are twsited.

How long before there are videos on YouTube of some 13 year old chavvies in knock off Burberry sweats and these things blasting themselves with a 9 mill from 10 paces?