This past weekend was spent going deep behind Kirkwood to score some delicious spring conditions.  The skinning was ideal, the snow we skied ranged from dense sugary winter snow, to perfect corn and by the end of the day, skinning out on the resort at 5:30 (!!!) it was especially nice to not have to wear head lamps on our exit.  Daylight savings time thank you!  onto the pics….


We knew it would be a special day when we saw this guy and his zebra tights first thing in the morning.


Dave and I getting skins ready for the long trek out


our destination, the main objective was to ski the obvious chute looker’s left of the summit

However, as we made our way across the ridge we realized the open face looker’s right of the summit was chock full of dense winter snow and a sustained steep pitch into a wide open snow field.  We were tempted, and rewarded.


Me loving the big carve in great winter snow under the California sun.


Kelly on the boot pack back up looker’s right of the chute


Mouth of the chute, nice moment in the sun


This was Kelly’s project so she got first tracks in the fresh chute, nice turn.


Dave ripping up a nice wall ride on the inside


A nice line and a great day in the mountains with friends.