I’ve been to Amsterdam twice and never been tempted to try the spacecakes that are advertised throughout the Lumiere Rouge district of town. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to be any more spaced out than the good boy Jah-Ras would have wanted me when I’m surrounded by throngs of people on old rickety bikes, waaaaaaaa-hay-hay-hay-haaaaay too drunk Brits and neon lights framing stolen Russian 16 year olds trying to sell your you their sexy time.

However, everything has its time and place and if I was say, sitting on top of Mt St Helena during a full moon in the dead of July with clear skies and my bros, sleeping bags, hard candy and the jolly soul Jah-Ras all around me, I would no doubt clown around with some spacecakes provided some crafty buster doug had one of those rad-gnar radios where I could play burned cds of these space sounds. Dr. Don Gurnett and the University of Iowa has been collecting and recording these far out out mamas for a while. The experience of listening to them need be appreciated with the most open of minds. Once you allow yourself to let go and not try and interpret what you’re hearing (harder than I first thought) the effects are delicious.

Where there are no limits, there is only potential, dig on that, space case.