I woke up on Monday morning and checked my email at home in my robe and crown as I always do, except this morning there was a link sent from Seth about a job opportunity.  It looked very promising, a pr agency based in Seattle that specialized in technology, but the overriding message of the job listing was that this was a NO BS!!  agency where typical pr flightiness and overly enthusiastic sophmoric dribble would not be tolerated.  I got into my career by chance.  I did not necessarily plan to go this route, but it has been pretty rewarding so far albeit the sometimes painful and wince-inducing pr people you meet and their faces and way they talk and move and breath.  It can be very trying.

So when I saw this post on CL I was refreshed, impressed and immediately sent my resume and a bold, invigorating cover letter that highlighted my substantial relevant experience, love for rope swings, swimming holes, my prowess in the kitchen (out of the office multi-tasking, bitches!) and expressed my interest in learning more about the agency and what kind of colleague they wanted to find.  Here’s where things went into the brown river.  The email address was [redacted]@[pragencyofyourchoice].com.  I sent my striking letter and resume with my picture of baby Jesus and Fidel Castro on it and almost immediately was sent back a Mail Notification saying the email address I sent the materials to had “permanently failed.”

I figured it was my error and double checked the email address, but indeed, that was just fine.  Proactive titan that I am, I picked up the phone and called to ask about the faulty email address.  The girl who answered told me it was a simple misunderstanding and the email address in the post had been misprinted by one letter.  I told her of the mistake and re-sent the email.  After not receiving even so much as a confirmation (pretty typical these days) I became a little nervous.  I called the agency and the woman who answered was in fact the person I was attemtping to send the email to originally.  Thinking I had found a fountain of fortuity I relayed the story and soon learned that in fact the email address that the girl gave me was incorrect (2 incorrect emails so far in one attempt to apply for a job.)  The receptionist told me to send the email to a shortened version of the woman’s full name as the address, when in fact, it was the woman’s full name that was her email address (following?  I’m really trying Dolf-Lundgren-hard here to be nice here and not burn bridges.)

So I feel as though I have it all figured out, and resend the email, again. Couple hours later no response, I kindly request a confirmation and nope, nada.  Finally, I get another email from her, saying she did not receive my email and in combin through her information I see what has to be one of the most bombastic minor details man has known.  Let’s say this woman’s name is Sarah and her email address is suppoed to be Sarah@[pragencyofyourchoice].com but in reality, or more appropriately this agency’s twisted form thereof, her email address is Sarha@[pragencyofyourchoice].com and that was never confirmed or explained.  It was pronounced as the former, just to be clear.

So once this is all cleared up  and it is confirmed that my email went through to the appropriate channel Sarah writes back to say “so how did you get my email?  are you responding to an ad?  what kind of position are you looking for?”


I’m not sure where this is going, but I’ll keep everyone posted on this very important time in my life.  I’m not blaming anyone that’s for sure, but, COME ON!!!!