There’s always that point in the day on the mountain, the beach, the trail, under the waterfall, or standing in the middle of the energy vortex when you think “time to power up the radness meter and get some good food fuel in me.” You go digging through your pocket or into your pack and take out energy bar X and maybe you decide to look at the list of ingredients. Most energy bars out there have ingredient lists a mile long and contain cryptic ingredients involving syrups and pastes that don’t make the old brain noodle think “wholeseome goodness.”

Enter Art Eggertsen, a former Snowbird mountain natural foods chef and core snowboarder. After reliving the above scenario one too many times Art decided to raise the proverbial bar [winkwink] and come up with an all natural, whole food, energy-rich alternative. Today ProBar stands out not only as a delicious treat and meal replacement, but as the burliest bar on the market. In a ProBar you’ll find whole oats, fruits and lots of the world’s Superfoods wrapped together in styles like Koka-Moka, Superfood Slam, and Whole Berry Blast. The bars are all 100% vegan in case you’re curious or, well vegan and the company is run by Art who has dedicated his life towards spreading the word about the importance of whole foods and nutrition. This is a grassroots product that has taken off since it’s arrival back in 2001 and today Art and co. are doing everything possible to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Definitely visit the webaite to learn more about Art and his history, very intriguing and dedicated guy.
Burlytown only endorses what is good for the community and as The Mayor I stand before everyone and declare ProBar the official bar of our fair place. Eat up and seek adventure!