I don’t own these skis….yet, but this is the first commercial in all my 29.8347 years where I may buy a product 1000% based on the commercial.  The zaniest part is, this isn’t even on TV, it’s on the freaking Tube of You and yet I still watched it three times in a row and want to watch it again and then show it to all my friends and acquiantancs which is why it’s on the blog, people!  Get crazy as kenyans, kick ski patrol in the face when they tell you to slow down, freak out, get bent and be colorful on some Moment skis.  Canadian?  People will think you are with all the looneyness you show on your Moment Skis.  Rainbows aren’t only for gays, thery’re for people skiing so fast they’re blurring the space time continium and all of a sudden it’s like Captain Eo all over your face and pants, color EVERYWHERE.