We were talking this weekend about what new buzz word will eventually replace “stoked” when skiers and action sports people are referring to how they just did something so radgnar and outrageous, and they want to express their elation and enthusiasm.  No one is going to be swan diving a lawn dart off a 120 footer and then hot tub it at the bottom, then ski over to their friends being all “that was fun, I’m so happy right now…”  Nah, sun, not gonna be like that anytime soon, so in jest we decided on dudes and chics saying “I can’t believe I just straight-lined that near vertical chute, I’m so jazzed!”  and then you can bust out your jazz hands or whatever.  It will have to be super-ironic, but watch out, it should be coming to your town or local park scene any day now.  Here’s a pic of me getting all jazzed this weekend.  More to come once people send them to me.