It had been a while since we had ventured away from delicate china with ounce portions of seared foie on beds of children’s hair, $145 glasses of micro-climate produced cab and a sturdy population of white waspy people, so my main squeeze and I hit the skies for our former place of habitat and debauchery.

Before we were leaving, California and particularly the Tahoe area were experiencing an epic 50-year storm cycle that was planning to dump an estimated 10 feet of snow at Kirkwood.   No big deal I guess, the next time one of these rolls around I’ll be 78 and definitely by then science will have come up with a fountain of youth or some viagra off shoot that will make me able to ski neck-deep pow and throw huge back flips off 30 foot cliffs all the while reading 2058 editions of the New York Times on my brain cavity with much rejoice that life is simpler thinking I was so silly for fretting over this earlirer storm.  FYI, it actually dumped 12 feet of snow at Kirkwood, try that on for size.  Oh, is it too big for you?  Yeah, join the club papi.


The storm of the century was imminent, flights were late, people were assed-out, some more than others.

We got off without a hitch and landed, immediately hitting the smoking hot NYC Smiths-night-at-Sway scene


It was super hot in there as everyone who’s every feel moody, had a nice haircut, or thought they were cooler than you in New York City was sharing the same space.


I shot this form the neck down because no one had any Morissey hair worth even hinting at


These two were hot and heavy, awesomeness!!!


Caitdawg couldn’t believe her freaking eyes and immediately resorted to vaguely obscene hand gestures to express her radness and disbelief.


Notice anything weird here?  Maybe it’s the huge dude grilling me for taking a picture of the crowd?  One of the Olsen twins, I’m going with the trollier Mary-Kate, was in the club that night and although I was not trying to get a picture of her getup, funky dance moves, or her fool make-out doll for the night, this dude, her protector, was making sure I got the message that no photo would even come close to flashing her sensitive Full House and Disney anti-brain.  Nice black leather Yankees hat, Douglas.


No doubt, doggy, get yours.


I know, bad hat, I’m shocked too, let’s just keep partying and forget about it.


New night, still killing it for free, this time around, with a beard


We were totally awake during the daylight hours and this was one of the highlights for sure, looks pretty pimpy Harley, maybe even one of those things you stare at and then a 3-D of a dolphin jumping over a big boat emerges from the white noise background.


Even better my friends, that’s a Harley all decopaged with some hot ass pin-up ladies.  Something to consider: you’re 22, your game is not that tight, but then you come to NYC and see this and all of a sudden you’ve got options, you see the world differently.  That is the transformative power of inspiring collaboration, in this case nekkid ladies and the body of a big bad hog.  Make jokes on your own, I’m just revelin’ here….


Questionable, AOL, it’s a big city, but that shizzle is borderline ignorant-maximus.


It’s a weird, awesome, beautiful city with more personality than  all of Seinfeld combined, this is the kind of shit that really kills me though, who’s doing this?  Awesome man, bravo, are you a cartoonist, professional imginationalist?  I’ll think of these two steam pipes or whatever for years to come and it’ll bring a smile on my face.  Why are they looking at each other like they smelled a fart?  Are they abstract elephants?  Who cares, they’re genius.

Peace be with you in this New Year.